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The packing list envelope film/paper

The ECOLIST self-adhesive document envelope offers an ecological and functional alternative to traditional plastic pouches.

With a single plastic film and a paper base, it combines durability, rigidity and a reduced environmental footprint. This design minimises the use of plastic while providing effective protection for documents. Its paper base makes it easier to hold, providing an environmentally-friendly and practical solution.

By choosing this document wallet, you're helping to reduce plastic waste and use resources responsibly.

With its essential features, it offers a secure closure and transparency for easy identification.

Opting for the ECOLIST self-adhesive document folder is a practical, environmentally-friendly and sustainable solution for protecting documents.

ECO-LIST : transparent, with paper as bottom layer

Ergonomics : Paper more  rigid, easier to handle
Convenience : + easy to use and adheres well to all surfaces

Avantages : More ecological with a single layer of film


All our models are available from stock in standard formats. 

Other formats are available on request.

formats de pochettes adhésives porte documents



All our models are available from stock in standard prints. 

Other prints are available on request.

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