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pochette adhésive porte-document renforcé qualité supérieure, transparent, neutre DCI (1).


The high-quality document envelope

The self-adhesive reinforced packing-list envelope offers an ideal solution for extra protection of heavy documents or small objects.

With its thick material composition, it provides extra strength, ensuring optimum protection against damages.

This makes it ideal for securing heavier items such as booklets or user manuals, offering unrivalled versatility.

Despite its robustness, it retains essential features such as secure closure and transparency for identification of contents. Whether you're storing, transporting or presenting important documents, this reinforced pouch provides reliable, long-lasting protection.

Opting for this solution is a wise choice for optimum protection.

STRONG-LIST : Resistant and transparent

Ergonomics : thicker materials , more rigid
Convenience : + easy to use and adheres well to all surfaces

Advantages : Ideal for carrying booklets, small items, etc. in complete safety.


All our models are available from stock in standard formats. 

Other formats are available on request.

formats de pochettes adhésives porte documents



All our models are available from stock in standard prints. 

Other prints are available on request

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