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The classic plastic document wallet

The PACLIST self-adhesive document envelope offers reliable protection for documents during storage and transportation.

Made entirely from plastic, this classic packing-list envelope provides an effective barrier against damage from the elements.

Its simple, practical design makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a robust, versatile solution that meets their document protection needs with efficiency and reliability.

PAC-LIST - classic packing-list envelope

Ergonomics : easy to use thanks to the adhesive-free part around the backslit for easy removal of the backing paper
Convenience : good adhesion on all substrates, optimum protection for your documents

Advantages : ultra-clear film, customisable


​All our models are available from stock in standard formats. 

Other formats are available on request.

formats de pochettes adhésives porte documents



All our models are available from stock in standard prints. 

Other prints are possible on request

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