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The 1-layer document envelope

The FAST LIST self-adhesive document envelopes offers an innovative, cost-effective solution.

Unlike conventional packing-list envelope, it is made from a single layer of paper or plastic for a reliable protection.

Its ingenious design reduces the environmental footprint while offering a sustainable alternative.

Ideal for storing, transporting or presenting documents, it combines practicality with respect for the environment.


By choosing the FAST LIST self-adhesive document envelope, businesses and individuals can ensure quality protection for your documents while helping to conserve resources and reduce waste.

FAST-LIST CRISTAL :Transparent, with crystal top paper

FAST-LIST PAC : ransparent, with a plastic film

Ergonomics : to be applied directly to the base
Convenient : easy to use and adheres well to all substrates

Advantages :  a single layer of material, economical and environmentally friendly


Fast-List doc enclosed envelopes are available from stock in C5 format. 

Other formats are available on request.

formats de pochettes adhésives porte documents



Fast-List packing list envelopes are available from stock in C5 format without printing. 

Standard or specific prints are available on request.

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