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The Paper document envelope, buy sustainably!

The self-adhesive paper document envelope is easier to handle thanks to its increased rigidity, and is perfectly tranparent. Its water-repellent property preserves the integrity of documents during transport or storage.

Made from recyclable and degradable material, it promotes an environmentally-friendly approach, ideal for eco-responsible individuals and businesses.

With its eco-friendly composition, it retains all the practical features of the plastic pouch, offering an effective, environmentally-friendly solution for protecting documents.

Opting for this paper alternative is a concrete choice for responsible resource management.

PAPER-LIST CRISTAL - transparent, with a top glassine paper

Certification: OK BIOBASED from TÜV AUSTRIA, 4 stars

Ergonomics : Paper more  rigid, easier to handle
Convenience : + easy to use and adheres well to all surfaces

Advantages : Perfect legibility of QR codes and barcodes, water-repellent, recyclable and degradable


All our models are available from stock in standard formats. 

Other formats are available on request.

formats de pochettes adhésives porte documents



All our models are available from stock in standard prints. 

Other prints are available on request.

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